12 Reasons to run a Raffle Date:12-12-12

1.Raffles are low cost and have high profit potential.
2.Raffles are low risk high return fundraisers
3. Raffle Ready can get your raffle going with $0 up front
4.Raffles engage donors who otherwise wouldn’t donate
5.Raffles get donors to increase their donations (Up selling packages)
6.Raffles offer an easy way to involve corporate sponsors
7.Raffles are easy to cross market with other events
8.Raffles increase donors response to mailers (increase your donor list)
9.Raffles are a great way to touch base with donors.
10.Raffles soften the “ASK” which results in increased positive response
11.Raffles are easy fundraisers to run online with Raffle Ready
12.Running a raffle gives you the opportunity to see what Raffle Ready
can do for your organization.