How 50/50 Raffles Cost You More Than 50%

    When looking at the various ways to run a raffle, 50-50 Raffles have proven to be the least effective way to get the job done. A nonprofit who is planning on running a raffle, should almost never run a 50-50 raffle. When selecting this type of raffle, a business or company must understand that whatever profit is generated, 50% of it is gone. Why so much?
    The major incentive of buying a raffle ticket is to win a great prize.  50-50 Raffles participants are unaware of the amount of money in the pot, which therefore creates an unattractive raffle. Some participants often feel  organizations aren’t honest and clear with their raffle participants, concerning the money in the pot, it creates friction and could cause more harm than good. With a standard raffle such as a BIG SCREEN TV, the perceived value is a lot greater and donors are more likely to buy tickets because they know exactly what they will win.
    The remaining details you must consider before running a 50-50 raffle or any type of raffle is the marketing aspects. As stated above, one of the vital things you need in order to run a successful raffle is an attractive raffle website that gives off an impression that the organization and the raffle is run efficiently and professionally. Marketing has proven to be a crucial part of running a productive, successful raffle,  it is clear that 50-50 Raffles are not the most effective way to run a raffle from a revenue standpoint. Whether it’s losing 50% of profit, or the disadvantages from a marketing and appearance , its clear that 50-50 raffles are the least effective way for your organization to run a successful raffle.

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