12 Reasons to run a Raffle Date:12-12-12

1.Raffles are low cost and have high profit potential.
2.Raffles are low risk high return fundraisers
3. Raffle Ready can get your raffle going with $0 up front
4.Raffles engage donors who otherwise wouldn’t donate
5.Raffles get donors to increase their donations (Up selling packages)
6.Raffles offer an easy way to involve corporate sponsors
7.Raffles are easy to cross market with other events
8.Raffles increase donors response to mailers (increase your donor list)
9.Raffles are a great way to touch base with donors.
10.Raffles soften the “ASK” which results in increased positive response
11.Raffles are easy fundraisers to run online with Raffle Ready
12.Running a raffle gives you the opportunity to see what Raffle Ready
can do for your organization.

Why Your School Should Run a Raffle

A raffle is the perfect type of fundraiser for a school. It’s the best and easiest way to get everyone who has any connection to your school involved. Alumni and parents will want to help by buying tickets and also helping to sell them. Traditional school fundraisers like bake sales and banquet dinners have limited fundraising potential mainly because there’s a limit on how many people can participate in them. A raffle has no real limits on participation and it even encourages more participation from everyone involved.

A good, well-run school fundraiser raffle will get everyone involved. You can have the kids put up signs and go around the neighborhood selling tickets as well as selling to friends and family. Alumni and parents can also sell to co-workers, friends, and family, and they can help publicize the campaign through email and other methods of contacting people. Some will volunteer or can be recruited to help the school with the back-end administrative work.

A strong raffle campaign that gets everyone associated with the school involved should be a great boost to camaraderie even if it is not wildly successful.  But most likely it will be a great success and the school will benefit greatly.  Raffles also have the great benefit of allowing you to connect with alumni and generous supporters much more effectively than, for example, a bake sale.  A raffle can be revisited annually (or even more often if need be) and is an efficient and effective way to consistently raise money for your school.

Raffle Ready helps schools run raffles by offering incentive programs to parents who participate such as tuition breaks. Schools can also offer things like waiving fees for school trips or free lunches for a month. The potential incentives are almost endless and all will help entice parents to be active participants in your school’s raffle.