How Raffle Ready Works

Save TIME. Manage Results. Raise More Money with Raffles!

Raffle Ready is a simple yet powerful fundraising tool that automates your Raffle campaign and allows you to focus your efforts on maximizing revenues. Anyone in your office can use our simple raffle platform. Now you can eliminate time consuming and expensive envelope stuffing and stamp licking and let the Raffle Ready platform help you raise more money.

Getting Started

Select prizes that are attractive to your audience. Raffle Ready will create a custom raffle website to match your organizations brand. Raffle Ready’s fundraising professionals provide professional support to ensure your fundraising page exceeds your organizations needs.


Peer to peer fundraising has never been simpler with our unique promotion tools. Promoting your raffle through simple pre-written emails and personalized links helps you turn all of your members into fundraisers with a click of a button.

Let’s be realistic in this day and age the more your potential donor needs to click around your page the less likely they are to make a donation. Raffle Ready’s ease of use has successfully converted more donors and lead to them making larger donations. Connecting with donors (for future years) will help your campaign grow exponentially

Automated real time donor and fundraiser tracking, automated e-tickets, e-thank you letter. No data entry necessary. Management console tracks all of your pledges and sales. Builds your donor list for future events for target marketing.

All data transfer on Raffle Ready uses a 256-bit SSL encryption and keeps your data safe. We do not save your credit card information and we never share your personal information with anyone.

Raffle Support
Raffle Ready provides raffle tips and key details to running a successful campaign. We have a customer service team standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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