How to Optimize Ticket Sales

When running a raffle fundraising campaign, obviously the most important thing is ticket sales. Selling a lot of tickets should be the goal of the campaign because, well, you want to raise a lot of money for your organization. But there are many factors that can affect ticket sales including ticket price, what the prizes for the raffle are, and how well you market your campaign.

Finding the right ticket price is very important. If you charge too much for tickets fewer people will want to buy them, but at the same time if you don’t charge enough you could sell a large number of tickets but still find yourself falling short of your fundraising goals. You also need to factor in what your prizes are. If you are raffling off a car, for example, you can charge a lot for tickets and people will still be very interested in buying them. But if you are raffling off a smaller prize like $500 or tickets to a football game, your ticket prices are going to need to be much lower. But keep in mind that, unless your ticket prices are exorbitantly high, the more attractive the prize, the more people outside your regular donor base will be interested in buying tickets.

You should also utilize larger ticket packages that will give the buyers more bang for their buck. For example, if one ticket costs $10 then you can sell three for $25 and/or 7 for $50. These packages raise more money at no extra cost to your organization. All you need to do is add in more tickets for that donor.

Good marketing also plays a major part in optimizing ticket sales. Reaching a large number of potential donors who aren’t already connected to your organization should be top priority. Your organization should utilize every resource at its disposal to spread the word about your raffle. Everything from putting up signs around the area to sending out a mass email to going door to door can help reach new sources of funds.

One of the most important factors in a successful fundraiser is volunteers. If your organization has dedicated, energetic, and motivated volunteers your organization should have much greater success in reaching a wider donor base and bringing in a lot more ticket sales. Volunteers who are excited about the project they r working on will spread their enthusiasm and it should give you a boost. Also, you should try to optimize your usage of your volunteers to maximize the value you get from them. For example, if one of your volunteers is very good at sales you should use them for phone banking if you are using that. And you can offer rewards to your volunteers for selling “x” amount of tickets or raising “x” amount of money.

Another good idea to help improve ticket sales is to use an online raffle or fundraising site. There are many websites that offer online fundraising help. Each one of them is tailored differently, and you should try to find one that best fits your organization’ needs. Most of the sites aren’t really tailored for raffles, so make sure you find one that is or that at least has some kind of raffle support. The prices of those sites are usually a percentage of the money raised through them, and a few are even free. But as I said before, make sure the site you use fits your organization’s raffle needs. The best sites should be able to increase your ticket sales while still lowering administrative costs. So if you are going to use one finding the right one is crucial.

If your organization is ever going to be running another raffle or another fundraiser in the future, it is crucial for your organization to record the contact information of everyone who bought tickets in your current raffle. This way you have a great database of people who you know are interested in supporting your organization to use for future fundraisers. This will definitely enable your organization to raise more money down the road.

Why a Raffle is the Best and Easiest Type of Fundraiser

When your organization is trying to raise funds there are many options to consider using. In my opinion the best and easiest option is a raffle. There is limited risk in running a raffle and, if run well, a huge potential payoff. A raffle can generate a lot of excitement if the prizes are good and the tickets are reasonably priced. You should be able to attract a lot of people who wouldn’t normally give to your organization. So a raffle also serves to expand your donor database, as long as you have a good system for recording everyone’s contact information.

There are many other potential benefits of running a raffle. For example if you are having trouble reaching your fundraising goal you can always push off the raffle and extend the campaign for another few weeks. With a different kind of fundraiser such as a dinner or a golf outing it is much harder to reschedule everything whereas with a raffle all you need to do is announce that the drawing date has been pushed off and nobody needs to reschedule anything. Also those types of events are not drawing the crowds they used to so your ceiling is much higher with a raffle.

Buying a raffle ticket is a lot easier than going to a banquet or another charity event. If your raffle is set up online (and it definitely should be) then all that donors need to do is go to your website and click on the “Buy tickets” button or however you have it set up. Your organization can send an email to your entire contact list with a link to the raffle and there is almost no effort involved on either the part of your organization or the donors. If your website isn’t set up for this than you should use one of the online fundraising sites like Raffle Ready or Razoo and they should be able to set up a raffle page for your organization.